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I played guitar for Vanessa Amorosi for many years and one of my career highlights was performing at the Grand Prix in Melbourne supporting Kiss!  Rocking out in front of thousands of people on the same stage where Gene, Ace and Paul would later stand. Unforgettable.

We also supported Rob Thomas on his Australian Tour and played at many great "Day on the Green" outdoor concerts.


Another side of the industry that I have been involved with for a long time is product/brand promotion and endorsement. I have worked with G&L, Moore, Shadow, Seymour Duncan and Fender guitars, and was guitar product specialist for Roland/Boss for many years

(recently started again).

My Youtube channel is a big focus for me now. It currently has more than 340 videos and over 4 million views.

My current fun projects include a Racer X tribute band -       "Racer Axe", and another band learning the entire David Lee Roth album "Eat 'em and Smile". These guys also form my trio to play my own material.

Artists I am regularly working with include two of Australia's very best; Kate Ceberano and Jon Stevens.

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Hi folks. Let me tell you a bit about myself.

I picked up a nylon string guitar at 13 and began classical lessons with a great teacher. As we progressed through the basics he also started showing me chords and rhythms so that I was able to learn contempory music as well.

My main musical tastes and influences all stem from my Dad's insatiable hunger and love of music. And he loved to hear plenty of guitar, even though he never played an instrument. It's the combined sounds of early Kiss, Rolling Stones, Muddy Waters, Status Quo, Sabbath, Judas Priest, Van Halen, Deep Purple, Ted Nugent, Clapton and Skynard that formed my Rock'n'Roll heart!

I stuck with classical guitar till the end of high school, completing AMEB Grade 7, but by then I was also playing professionally in bands so the old nylon string went into retirement.

I was also teaching guitar by then and have been ever since.

One of my best early memories of playing live was competing in the "Rebel Yell Guitar Challenge" at my local pub, where I had been playing regularly with my very first band. I had a great crowd of supporters that night so I was able to wipe the floor with my version of Gary Moore's Walking by Myself. He was another big influence.

A few years later I met with a quirky pony-tailed bloke named Greg Ham, and was given the opportunity of a lifetime; to go on tour with Aussie icons Men at Work.

After a one off packed gig at the legendary Espy hotel in Melbourne, it was off to Brazil. Over the next few years we toured Sth America extensively, including Rio, Sao Paulo, Mexico and Puerto Rico.

We also toured through the USA including shows at the legendary House of Blues in LA and Chicago. There were also some shows in Japan and the occasional New Year's Eve gig at Disneyworld, Florida!

Well that seems like yesterday and now my amazing drummer son is taller than me.

Since then I have had the privelage to work with not just amazing  artists, but also the incredible talent behind the scenes such as    Chong Lim (MD-Dancing With the Stars/John Farnham Band) and Dorian West (MD-Australia's Got Talent/The X Factor).